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S119U GPS Tracker

Track Your Truck’s GPS delivery truck tracking systems provide tracking and reporting capabilities that work well for both service and delivery vehicles, helping you provide gold standard customer service — while lowering costs. Outstanding customer service translates into more business and an improved bottom line.

With real-time tracking capabilities, GPS tracking from Track Your Truck gives you the tools to respond instantly, updating customers about arrival delays, routing drivers around traffic concerns, and dispatching the closest vehicle, when possible, to the proper location. When you know the “where” and “when” of your vehicles’ locations, you can better manage your services and employees for improved and efficient business operations. Track your vehicles efficiently and effectively using the right GPS tracking system from Track Your Truck.

S119 Car Tracker

S119U GPS Tracker Doha Qatar       Android APK  Iphone

S119/U GPS Tracker

No Function Descriptions
1 GSM Quad band supported
2 Newest generation u-blox GPS chipset u-blox 7
3 Wide range power input 8-45V DC
4 ACC(Ignition) detection
5 Fuel supply remote control
6 Internal battery for wire-cut alarm
7 Ultra-low power mode 1mA@12V
8 10000 points history trace can be saved without GSM coverage
9 Internal monitoring chip for automatic restore after system crash or error detected.
10 Quick GPS fixed with the u-blox Assist-GPS technology
11 3 LEDs for status indication
12 Hardware design with surge protection
13 Protection for wrong wire connection
14 Managing GPS devices on the web
15 Managing GPS devices using apps for android phone or iphone
16 Query device information using SMS
17 Real time tracking support
18 History trace playback
19 Self-define GEO fence

Voice monitoring  (optional)

Product Specification

  • GSM Band:               Quad Band GSM/GPRS supported
  • GPRS:                       Class12/TCP/IP
  • Working Voltage:       8-45vDC
  • Working Current:       20mA@12vDC (ACC ON) 1mA @ 12vDC
  • GPS Chipset:             u-blox G7020
  • GPS Channels:          56
  • Tracking Sensitivity:   -162dBm
  • GPS Fixed Time        Cold Start<29s(Open sky) Warm Start<29s Hot Start<1s
  • Battery                       1000mAh  (S119 only, S119B none)

S119/U GPS Tracker

S119/U GPS Tracker