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Kenwood TH-K20


kenwood TH K20

A powerful communications tool in every sense, KENWOOD’s new TH-K20A/K40A radio offers 5.5 watts of RF output to ensure reliable performance.

Numerous features ensure superb operating ease, yet it is small enough to fit comfortably in the palm. Both display and keypad are backlit for night-time use, and for added convenience everyday functions are pre-programmed to 11 keys with an additional PF key that can be assigned a custom function. Plus, the construction is rugged enough to stand up to the worst weather. Inside and out, the TH-K20A/K40A is fully equipped for clear communications — wherever and whenever needed.


Usefully Compact, Reliably Robust

kenwood TH K20 Users will appreciate just how light (just 210g) and thin (54mm) this radio is. Yet there is no compromise on construction: it meets or exceeds the stringent IP54 dust and water intrusion standards as well as the MILSTD 810 C, D, E, F & G environmental standards, making it rugged enough for demanding outdoor use in bad weather.

200 Channels with 6-Digit Memory Name

The TH-K20A/K40A has 200 memory channels – with a 6-digit Memory Name function to enable clear identification – plus 6 program scan memories, 1 call channel and 1 priority channel.

High Sound Pressure for Audio Clarity

kenwood TH K20 Another feature that sets the TH-K20A/K40A apart is sound: it benefits from the audio expertise for which KENWOOD is renowned. High sound pressure – which is not the same as volume – delivers a clarity that is unmistakable. Just listen once and you will appreciate what a difference it makes.

Li-ion Battery & Cradle Charger

kenwood TH K20 This radio is supplied with a rechargeable Lithium-ion battery plus a convenient cradle charger.

Direct Function Keys

kenwood TH K20 Everyday functions are pre-programmed to 11 of the 12 keys. The additional PF key can be assigned a custom function, making it possible to tailor the TH-K20A/K40A for optimum convenience. There is no need to use a menu: one key push provides direct access. And to prevent accidental operation, three types of key lock are provided.

Internal VOX

kenwood TH K20 The TH-K20A/K40A offers convenient hands-free operation when using an optional headset. The internal VOX (voice-operated transmission) circuitry provides automatic PTT and a 10-level (Off/1-9) sensitivity adjustment to suit different ambient noise levels. VOX delay time is also adjustable.

PC Programmable with MCP-5A

kenwood TH K20 By simply connecting the TH-K20A/K40A to a computer running KENWOOD’s free MCP-5A software with the optional PG-4Y cable, one can easily manage dozens of memory channels and memory names. This is also a convenient way to modify or copy settings.

Backlit LCD and Keypad

Backlighting for the large 13-segment LCD display is a welcome feature when picking memory names or changing settings. Similarly, keypad backlighting facilitates operation in low-light situations.

CTCSS & DCS Encoder/Decoder + Cross Tone Capability

Thanks to the built-in CTCSS (Continuous Tone Coded Squelch System) and DCS (Digital Code Squelch) encoder/ decoder, the TH-K20A/K40A can handle 42 CTCSS sub-tone frequencies plus 104 DCS codes. And one can set separate TX and RX signalling types so as to access a repeater that uses different encode/decode signalling.

Tone Alert (Bell)

When activated, this function will sound an audible alert and flash a bell symbol to indicate an incoming call. Both elapsed time and the number of missed calls are clearly displayed.


Power On Message
Time-out Timer
Priority Scan
Band Scan, Program Scan, MR Scan, CALL Scan, CTCSS Scan / DCS Scan
Wide/Narrow Channel Spacing •
Busy Channel Lockout
Key Lock Type Select
Battery Save
SMA Antenna Connector
Automatic Repeater Offset
1750 Hz Tone Access
Direct Keypad Frequency Entry
DTMF Autodial Memories (16ch, up to 16 digits)
Battery Capacity Indicator (on transmit)
Electronic Serial Number

Added Features

– Tone Alert (Bell)
– Cross Tone
– Weather CH Scan
– Firmware Upgradeable
– Key Lock Type Select

General Features

– 5.5W RF Output for 144MHz
– 5.0W RF Output for 430MHz
– Power-On Message
– Direct Function Key
– Direct Frequency Entry
– Auto Repeater Offset
– 1750 Hz Tone Burst
– Time-Out Timer
– Battery Select (Li-ion / AAA Battery)
– Beat Shift
– Frequency Shift
– VOX Circuit included (Operation with Optional headset)
– Battery Capacity Indicator
– Wide / Narrow Deviation Selection (Per Channel)
– Busy Channel Lock-Out

kenwood TH K20

Frequency Range TX 136 – 174 MHz 400 – 470 MHz
RX 136 – 174 MHz 400 – 470 MHz
Mode F3E, F2D
Antenna Impedance 50 Ω
Operation Temperature Range -20 °C ~ +60 °C
Operating Voltage DC 6.0 ~ 9.0 V (Standard Voltage DC 7.4 V)
Frequency Stability ±2.5 ppm
Microphone Impedance 2 kΩ
Battery Life* (Figures approximate) High / Mid / Low
with KNB-63L 6 / 8.5 / 10.5 Hour
with KNB-65L 8 / 11.5 / 14 Hours
with BT-16 6 / 8 / 10 Hours
Dimensions (W x H x D),
Projections not included
Radio Only
with KNB-63L
54 x 111.7 x 14.4 mm
54 x 111.7 x 25.3 mm
Weight Radio Only approx. 138 g
with KNB-63L approx. 210 g
RF Power Output High 5.5 W 5 W
with BT-16 approx.3.5 W
Mid 2 W
Low 1 W
Modulation Reactance modulation
Maximum Frequency Deviation Within ±5 kHz
Moduration Distortion Less than 5 % (300 Hz ~ 3 kHz)
Circuitry Double super heterodyne
Intermediate Frequency 1st IF: 38.85 MHz / 2nd IF: 450 kHz
Sensitivity (12dB SINAD) Less than 0.16 μV Less than 0.18 μV
Squelch Sensitivity Less than 0.13 μV
Selectivity -6 dB More than 10 kHz
-50 dB Audio Output More tha
Audio Output More than 400 mW (8 Ω / 10 % distortion)

* Assuming a duty cycle of 6-second transmit, 6-second receive, 48-second standby
Specifications are guaranteed for amateur radio bands only. Specifications shown are typical.
Specifications are subject to change without notice, due to advancements in technology.

Applicable MIL-STD & IP

Standard MIL 810C
MIL 810D
MIL 810E
MIL 810F
MIL 810G
Low Pressure 500.1/Procedure I 500.2/Procedure I, II 500.3/Procedure I, II 500.4/Procedure I, II 500.5/Procedure I, II
High Temperature 501.1/Procedure I, II 501.2/Procedure I, II 501.3/Procedure I, II 501.4/Procedure I, II 501.5/Procedure I, II
Low Temperature 502.1/Procedure I 502.2/Procedure I, II 502.3/Procedure I, II 502.4/Procedure I, II 502.5/Procedure I, II
Temperature Shock 503.1/Procedure I 503.2/Procedure I 503.3/Procedure I 503.4/Procedure I, II 503.5/Procedure I
Solar Radiation 505.1/Procedure I 505.2/Procedure I 505.3/Procedure I 505.4/Procedure I 505.5/Procedure I
Rain 506.1/Procedure II 506.2/Procedure II 506.3/Procedure II 506.4/Procedure III 506.5/Procedure III
Humidity 507.1/Procedure I, II 507.2/Procedure II, III 507.3/Procedure II, III 507.4 507.5/Procedure II
Salt Fog 509.1/Procedure I 509.2/Procedure I 509.3/Procedure I 509.4 509.5
Dust 510.1/Procedure I 510.2/Procedure I 510.3/Procedure I 510.4/Procedure I, III 510.5/Procedure I
Vibration 514.2/Procedure VIII, X 514.3/Procedure I 514.4/Procedure I 514.5/Procedure I 514.6/Procedure I
Shock 516.2/Procedure I, II, V 516.3/Procedure I, IV 516.4/Procedure I, IV 516.5/Procedure I, IV 516.6/Procedure I, IV
International Protection Standard
Dust & Water Protection IP54


Li-Ion Battery Pack (7.2V, 1,100 mAh)


Regular Charger




Headset with VOX/PTT